The Surf


Surf is an abbreviation of surf-riding. « surf » mean in french « vagues déferlantes ( = rouleau, ras de marée) » and « riding » mean in french « chevaucher ».

The surf is a sport which is played standing on a board in order to slide on the surf, next to the ocean.A surferRésultat de recherche d'images pour "planche de surf australie"



The surf was very probably created in Hawaï. The most old board was discovert by James Cook ( a british sailor and explorer ) in 1778.              

The first surfer in HawaïPortrait of James Cook

The WSL ( the wolrd surf league) is an american business load of the organisation of surf world competitions for 1976.

Symbol of WSL

The Surf is a very dangerous sport because of the vague, the recif and the sharks.

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 Mick fanning was attacked by shark during the final of the J-Bay Open in South Africa. It was a traumatism for he, but the triple winner in the world didn’t stop play surfing.

Mick Fanning's attack

The surfer Mick Fanning attacked by a shark during a competition.